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Alcohol Citations

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    Request Deferred Disposition
    If you have received a citation for Minor in Possession of Alcohol, Misrepresentation of Age by a Minor, Attempt to Purchase by a Minor, etc., and have not been placed on deferred disposition ("deferred") in the past 12 months on one of the above referenced offenses, you may request to be placed on deferred. If you are placed on deferred, the judge will give you a series of conditions that you are to comply with by specific deadlines. The term of the deferred cannot exceed beyond the term of 180 days. You must pay at least the state fees at the time you are placed on deferred. The normal cost of a deferred is the fine plus $50 and state fees.

    The terms of your probation include but are not limited to: immediate payment, cannot receive any non-traffic citations and keep your address updated during period, attend an alcohol awareness class, complete a specified number of community service hours, attend a Victim Impact Panel class and must file a notarized statement of compliance with the court during the last two weeks of your probationary period.

    Non-compliance with any of the terms will result in a conviction and immediate collection of the full range of fine and state fees ($574 subject to increase).

    Community Service and an Alcohol Awareness Class are required to be attended according to the Alcoholic Beverage Code. If both are not completed, DPS will suspend your license for 180 days and require a $100 reinstatement fee to be paid to DPS before the suspension is lifted after the 180 days are completed.
    Effect Of A Conviction On Your Right To Hold A Driver License
    First Offense Conviction (means non-deferred option) – Driver license suspended for 30 days

    Second Offense Conviction (means non-deferred option) – Driver license suspended for 60 days

    If you successfully complete deferred disposition, you will not lose your driver license. If your probation is revoked during your deferred term, you will lose your license. If you do not complete your alcohol awareness course and/or community service hours, you will lose your driver license for up to 180 days. If your driver license is ever suspended, DPS will require you pay them a $100 reinstatement fee.

    For enhancement purposes; if you successfully complete deferred disposition or are convicted, your next alcohol-related offense will be enhanced.
    Drunk Driving Impact Panel
    This class is held at the Brazos County Administration Building Auditorium Courtroom; Located at 200 S Texas Ave., near downtown Bryan between 27th and 28th Street. Ample parking is located across from the main entrance. The main entrance is at the back of the building (opposite Texas Ave). Free parking is available in a parking lot and street parking in and around the block. A parking garage is available for $1/hour.

    Seating for probationers and guests begins at 6:20 p.m. and doors are promptly locked at 7 p.m. No one is admitted after the doors are locked. The program lasts about 1 to 1 ½ hours and includes a questionnaire to be filled out by attending probationers.

    This program may include any or all of the following speakers: victims, offenders, judicial, EMS, fire department, and/or law enforcement representatives. The program may also include graphic video presentation depicting crash scenes. Probationers must complete the questionnaire at the end of the program in order to receive credit for attending the course. Security officers are present. A certificate of attendance will be issued to you at the end of the class to be turned in to Municipal Court immediately.

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