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Neighborhood Partnership Program

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The Neighborhood Partnership Program was created to build positive collaborative partnerships between neighborhoods, community organizations and the City of College Station. 

Through the Neighborhood Partnership Program the Office of Neighborhood Services maintains regular contact with registered Neighborhood Associations (NA) and Homeowner Associations (HOA). Associations are requested to submit updated information on an annual basis at the time of their association elections.

    Neighborhood Partnership Program Advantages
    Advantages of the Neighborhood Partnership Program:

    • Database maintained of all registered associations. Information is available to city departments, community agencies, developers and other neighborhood partners in order to encouraged communication regarding projects, events and programs.

    • Neighborhood representatives are notified of development projects and public hearings that pertain to land or projects in the vicinity of their neighborhood.

    • Monthly Neighborhood Seminar Suppers that provide a forum for education on local and regional topics and networking between neighborhood leaders.

    • Start-up support for residents establishing or revitalizing associations.

    • Emails sent to neighborhood representatives  with valuable information about city events, meetings and programs -- especially those relevant to your neighborhoods.

    Neighborhood Partnership Program Criteria
    Boundaries: The neighborhood association boundaries shall be established by the association membership. The boundaries may not overlap the boundaries of another formally registered association.

    The following may be considered when establishing boundaries:
    • Patterns of development and placement of property lines;
    • Natural physical boundaries such as landforms and water bodies;
    • Man-made boundaries such as major thoroughfares and street connection patterns; &
    • Existing established affiliations based on population distribution and cultural factors.

    Neighborhood Association Membership:
    Neighborhood association membership must be open to all residents and property owners residing within the neighborhood boundaries. Race, color, creed, sex, age, heritage, national origin, or income level shall not limit participation or membership. Neighborhood Associations dues and membership fees should be collected on a voluntary basis and payment of dues should not be a contingency to the privilege of voting and participation.

    Homeowner Association Membership: Membership guidelines outlined in the deed restrictions should be followed. Race, color, creed, sex, age, heritage, national origin, or income level should not limit participation or membership. Assessment fees should be collected as established by deed. HOA's should consider involving non-property owner neighbors in their social and civic events.

    Bylaws: Each association must adopt written bylaws. Bylaws must include a description of the organization, procedures for democratic voting and elections, and the process for the adoption and amendment of bylaws. A copy of the bylaws must be provided to Neighborhood Services.

    Meetings: Associations should establish a meeting schedule. Quarterly meetings are encouraged with the minimum requirement of one general neighborhood meeting per year. Meetings and records should be open to all residents in the neighborhood. The time, place, and purpose of the meeting must be well publicized throughout the neighborhood prior to the meeting.

    Officers and Representatives: Associations must have an election or agreed-upon selection process for officers and representatives. The Neighborhood Services Office should be informed of any updates or amendments to the neighborhood association's bylaws, boundaries, representatives and officers.

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