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Neighborhood Grant Program

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The Strong and Sustainable Neighborhood Grant Program assists neighborhood and homeowner associations with projects, ranging from signage to community gardens. This umbrella program consists of both the Neighborhood Grant Program and the Gateway Grant Program. These matching grant programs create a mutually beneficial partnership between the neighborhoods and the city. Both of the Neighborhood Grant and Gateway Grant applications will be reviewed by a city staff committee for recommended approval or denial and level of funding consideration. All funds must be used within one year of the date of funds being awarded.

    Below are the guidelines and application. Also, below is a link to the new vendor packet this is required for all grant applications.

    Gateway Grant Criteria
    Gateway Grant funds can be used for gateway or identification signage, landscaping and beautification projects.

    There is only one grant cycle per year.

    The grant program will remain a matching funds program where neighborhoods are reimbursed up to 50 percent of the total project costs.

    Neighborhoods that receive funding for gateway projects are not eligible to receive additional funding for the next five years.

    Gateway Grant funds cannot be used for maintenance or upkeep of previous projects completed by the neighborhoods.

    Once awarded funding, neighborhoods will have one calendar year to complete projects.
    Neighborhood Grant Program Criteria
    Registered neighborhood associations, homeowner associations and residents of a neighborhood planning area can use funds.

    Neighborhood plan implementation items identified by residents are allowed to receive neighborhood grant funds.

    Neighborhoods can continue to apply for grants for neighborhood projects, one-time projects, application fees for planning projects, community building projects, and other small projects. However, preference will be given to neighborhood plan identified projects.

    For neighborhood plan identified items, the number of items selected for completion will depend on available grant funds.

    The timeframe for completion of neighborhood plan improvement items will be one calendar year.
    Who can apply?
    Neighborhood and homeowner associations that are registered with the City of College Station’s Neighborhood Partnership Program will be given priority status in selection of grant projects.

    Non-registered associations are eligible for funds for neighborhood and community-building projects, but not for physical projects such as gateway signage.

    Neighborhoods with recently completed neighborhood plans are also eligible for funding from both grant categories and are also given priority status when applications are evaluated.
    What are considered grant projects?
    These are projects intended to strengthen the quality of life and integrity of a neighborhood. Some examples are one-time events such as a neighborhood cleanup, a National Night Out party, a community garden, or hosting a training session or workshop. These projects are intended to bring the community together.
    How does it work?
    The program provides 50 percent matching funds to assist neighborhood/homeowner associations with qualifying and eligible projects. The program operates on a reimbursement basis. Groups cannot begin their projects before receiving official notification from the city that their grant application has been approved. Upon completion of the approved project, invoices are turned in to the city and the group will receive the grant funds.
    How will grants be evaluated?
    Registered with the city’s Neighborhood Partnership Program/Neighborhood Planning Area
    (20 points)

    Neighborhood participation and involvement
    (20 Points)

    Community benefit
    (20 Points)

    Matching donations and volunteer hours contributed toward the event
    (20 Points)

    Project consistency with established program goals
    (20 Points)
    What activities or groups are NOT eligible for funding?
    • Political campaigning

    • Alcohol purchases

    • Association business expenses or trips

    • Persons or an individual business

    • Religious organizations

    • Maintenance and upkeep of existing neighborhood projects
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