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Advanced Electric Meters

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Allegiant Utility Services, a College Station Utilities contractor, has installed advanced electric meters (also known as Automated Metering Infrastructure) at residences and businesses served by CSU. Water meters are not be affected. The system has an array of benefits for customers and the utility.


  • Remote meter reading will limit the need for backyard entry for meter maintenance or read verifications.

  • Enhanced outage detection and reduced time for restoration.

  • Coming this fall: Access to detailed usage data (no interface with customer-owned equipment in homes), enabling customers to manage their usage. 

  • Allow customers to analyze usage patterns and identify the causes of higher or lower monthly bills.

  • Faster connects and disconnects.

  • Ensure power is restored to customers after an outage.


    • Remote-read capability, saving time, and reducing expenses and vehicle emissions each month.

    • Enhanced monitoring and analysis of electric system device sizing and performance.

    • Increased billing accuracy.

    • Identifying tampering and energy theft.

    • Increased efficiency using automation for disconnects/connects during rush periods (35,000+ connects and disconnects during busiest times of the year).

    • Access to detailed load data (no interface with customer-owned equipment in homes).

    • Equipment and feeder modeling information.

    • System voltage monitoring.

    • Faster, more accurate power outage information (not everyone calls in during an outage).

    • Ensure power is restored to customers after an outage.

    • AMI is becoming an expectation for customers moving to this area.

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