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City Secretary's OfficeP.O. Box 9960 | 1101 Texas Ave.College Station, TX 77842979.764.3500
The city council welcomes written and oral comments from the public at regular city council meetings. If you would like to submit written comments or sign up to speak at a scheduled council meeting, please fill out the below form.


An individual who wishes to address the City Council regarding any item on the agenda other than those items posted for Executive Session shall register with the City Secretary two (2) hours prior to the meeting being called to order. Individuals must register to speak or provide written comments through the online form or provide a name and phone number by calling 979.764.3500.

Upon being called to speak an individual must state their name and city of residence, including the state of residence if the city is located out of state. Speakers are encouraged to identify their College Station neighborhood or geographic location. Please do not carry purses, briefcases, backpacks, liquids, foods or any other object other than papers or personal electronic communication devices to the lectern, nor advance past the lectern unless you are invited to do so. Each speaker’s remarks are limited to three (3) minutes. Any speaker addressing the Council using a translator may speak for six (6) minutes. The speaker’s microphone will mute when the allotted time expires and the speaker must leave the podium. 

An individual may speak for ten (10) minutes on behalf of a group of five (5) or more. The five (5) or more individuals must sign the registration form and must be present when the speaker is introduced. Those signing may not speak individually.

A speaker who wishes to include computer-based information while addressing the Council must provide the electronic file to the City Secretary by noon on the day of the Council meeting. See additional information below.

During each speaker’s remarks a timer light will change from green to yellow when there is thirty seconds remaining. The speaker must conclude their remarks when the timer light changes from yellow to red.


Individuals may use the comment sheets provided in the City Secretary's Office. Comment sheets should be submitted to the city secretary 15 minutes prior to the start of the regular meeting will be copied and distributed to council members.

An individual who wishes to submit other written material should submit 10 copies to the city secretary for distribution to council members and senior staff. Individuals wishing to provide a PowerPoint, audio, video, or other electronic presentation must submit the presentation to the City Secretary's Office no later than noon the day of the meeting. This will allow staff time to review the file for security and the content to determine appropriateness for display at a public meeting.

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