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Wind Watts

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Residential and commercial utility customers can sign up to receive 10%, 50% or 100% of your electricity from wind power. The city's Wind Watts are purchased from the South Trent wind farm in West Texas. Currently, 13%–15% of our electricity comes from this source.


What is wind power?
Wind power is wind generated electricity and is a renewable energy option available to you. Wind power is also clean—it does not add pollution to the atmosphere.

How will I benefit from purchasing wind power?
You would be contributing to preserving our environment, as well as making a lasting contribution to College Station's quality of life.

If I sign up, will my home receive electricity generated from wind?
The City of College Station is purchasing wind energy from the South Trent Mesa Wind Project in west Texas. Wind power is delivered to College Station Utilities through the same transmission and distribution system as our fossil fuel power. The city will ensure that electricity equal to our wind power customer's annual electricity usage is delivered to the grid, replacing the non-green power that would have otherwise been purchased.

How much extra will Wind Watts cost me?
Your bill amount will vary depending on whether you sign up for 10%, 50% or 100% wind power. The Wind Watts rates are explained in more detail in the city's Fee Resolution.

Why doesn't the City of College Station buy all of its energy from green sources?
Green power is usually more expensive than other types of power and its availability varies from hour to hour. In an effort to keep rates low and to meet customer load at any time, the City of College Station purchases a mixture of power.

How do I sign up for Wind Watts?
Signing up online for Wind Watts is easy! Just go to the sign up page, and choose what level you wish to participate at: 10%, 50%, or 100%.

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