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Platting is one tool used to implement the City's Comprehensive Plan and encourage sound growth within the community. Platting, or the subdivision of land, ultimately becomes a public responsibility because infrastructure must be maintained and public services provided. For this reason, the City regulates platting to ensure compliance with the Thoroughfare Plan, planning policies, and adequate extension of infrastructure. Chapter 212 of the Local Government Code sets forth subdivision enabling legislation for Texas cities.

A Plat is required when any of the following occur:

  • The division of land (for any purpose) into two or more parcels;
  • Development of a platted property where right-of-way for an existing or future thoroughfare has been identified by the Comprehensive plan
  • Development on a parcel not previously legally platted; or
  • Development that involves the construction of any public improvements that are to be dedicated to the City.

For more information about the platting process please e-mail the Planner-on-Call at [email protected] or call 979.764.3570.

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