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FlashVote Surveys

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FlashVote Survey Results

June 27-28: Budget Priorities

April 11-12: Quality of Life
May 22-23: Transportation
June 29-30: Budget Process
Oct. 24-25: Housing
Dec. 7-8: City Communications

Do you have a minute every month or two to help make our community even better?

The City of College Station conducts short, periodic surveys through a public survey research platform called FlashVote. Their experts will help us engage residents and gather valuable input to help inform the city’s decisions and priorities.

The periodic surveys take less than a minute, and input is always kept anonymous. In addition, personal or demographic information collected by FlashVote is not shared with anyone, even with the city.

We encourage you to sign up to participate if you receive a text message from FlashVote. You can also sign up at or call 775-235-2240 to join by phone call or text. You determine if you receive the surveys by email, text, or phone.

When you’re notified about new surveys, you’ll have 48 hours to participate before voting closes. Afterward, you'll receive a results summary and see how your responses compare to the group.

The best part is that FlashVote delivers the results to you and to city officials. That means timely and authentic feedback for decisions that affect all of us in the community.

The next survey is coming soon, so sign up now!
Still have questions? See FlashVote's FAQ

Past Citizen Survey Results

National Service Research (NSR) of Fort Worth surveyed College Station residents in April 2019. Participants were asked to rate various city services, quality of life issues, and community characteristics and to rank their priorities. The survey results were presented to the city council on June 27. NSR also conducted College Station surveys in 2012 and 2016.


2019 Citizen Survey Report
Blog: Citizen survey provides valuable insight to city leaders


2016 Citizen Survey Report


2012 Citizen Survey Report

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